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Bukhari Relief Foundation (BRF) was founded as an NGO in June 2011. Originally, we began our tireless campaign to help the needy during the devastating floods that hit many regions of Pakistan. The floods may have dried up, but poverty in Pakistan remains. And so our enterprise continues till the miserable conditions many Pakistanis face can be reversed. Our mission is to to serve the poor, the underserved and the countless that suffer under intolerable conditions. We aim to uplift the disenfranchised from crippling poverty and provide them with the means of living a quality life - a life offering good health, a stable income, and which offers opportunities to allow the many under-served Pakistanis to permanently rise up out of a state of poverty.


The people of Pakistan face a wide disparity between the rich and poor; the have's and have not's. Our vision and our aim is to reverse the ever increasing social and economic separation between the people of Pakistan through our various services to the poor and destitute. We wish to create a more peaceful and humane society where every Pakistani can live a dignified life and be provided with all the necessary essentials to live a quality life. These include proper health care, fair employment with proper and just compensation, effective and affordable education and equal protection under the law.

      News Update

Khanam Tayyaba Bokhari Escapes Terrorist Attack In Multan
Pakistan’s top female Shia scholar and head of Bokhari Relief Foundation has narrowly escaped being target of Shia Genocide in Multan on Wednesday, The Shia Post reported. Khanum Syeda Tayyaba Bukhari is a world renowned personality gifted with many varied and valuable attributes. She is a highly educated religious scholar, well versed in the Holy Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic History having spent around 15 years, from 1984 – 1998, gaining specialist education in these subjects. Her education began at the age of 9 in Qum, the educational capital of Iran. Madam Bukhari is an eloquent and talented speaker fluent in six languages; Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English, Punjabi and Siraiki and makes regular appearances before both live audiences and the camera for recorded and also live broadcasts on a variety of different international television channels. Khanum spends much of her time tirelessly working for the poor and needy providing food and shelter as well as education for the masses. This influence was gained from being brought up in a religious family unit with both parents active in the social service of the people and thus, there never seemed to be a career path more fitting. Where other people would stop upon recognition, Khanum strives to take one step further and when asked what motivates her, her answer is simple and selfless, “The satisfaction lies in serving God’s creation.
Mon, Oct 14th and Tue, Oct 15th, 2013: Watch Scholar Khanum Tayyaba Bukhari in "Assignments Part I and II" at "WAQT NEWS" from 7 PM - 8 PM (PST) : 10 AM -11 AM (NYT) : 3 PM - 4 PM (GMT) Send your feed back through facebbok, twitter, email or web
Internationally Renowned Religious Scholar/Chairperson of Bukhari Relief Foundation Khanum Syeda Tayyaba Bukhari had a meeting with Sheikh ul Islam Allama Dr Tahir Ul Qadri in Birmingham. Minhaj ul Quran UK hosted a dinner in the honor of Khanum Tayyaba Bukhari. During the meeting sheikh ul Islam and Khanum Tayyaba Bukhari had a conversation on the recent political situation in Pakistan. Khanum said, to control the terrorism in Pakistan its necessarily for all the sects and political parties to unit and focus on commonalities than difference.

Mr. Masood Khan Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations in New York and his wife Mrs Zohra Khan arranged a lunch in the honor of Scholar Khanum Tayyaba Bukhari/ Chairperson of Bukhari Relief Foundation at their residence in Manhattan, New York.
By the grace of Allah, the care taker government offered federal minister's seat to Scholar Khanum Tayyaba Bukhari in the cabinet, but she has categorically refused to proceed.

Urgent Appeal

The Chairperson of Bukhari Relief Foundation/ Religious Scholar Khanum Syeda Tayyaba Bukhari strongly condemns the mass arson of more than one hundred Christian houses on Saturday, March 9th, 2013 in Badami Bagh, Lahore, Pakistan.

Bukhari Relief Foundation is paying for the furniture and one year rent for families who lost their houses in the bomb blast of Abbas Town in Karachi. Please donate!
In Quetta's darkest hour, women and children withstood the bitter cold, rain and the agony of their heart wrenching calamity. In a powerful symbol of protest, victims of the heinous attacks were kept unburied for 3 days and sit ins brought the nation to a stand still, as the world was forced to end its silence.

You can help by lending a helping hand in the form of donations to the families and the orphans of the victims left behind. Donate generously through Bukhari Relief Foundation. A receipt will be provided upon request. Be rest assured that your funds will be allocated only to the intended cause.

Visit our website at www.bukharirelieffoundation.org for further details.

You can go online to www.bukharirelieffoundation.org and pay by credit or debit card or mail checks to P.O.Box 640251, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

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